Using ParcelVault

ParcelVault is available for Apple devices.

Download ParcelVault for free at the Apple Australia store by following the link:



If you use Android please email and we’ll let you as soon as ParcelVault is available for Android.

To use ParcelVault:


1. Download the App

2. Use the App to Register ( you will automatically receive your ParcelVault Customer ID, so we can tell you when your parcel arrives).

3. Select a convenient Location for your parcels delivery

4. Go shopping at any online store. Use your ParcelVault Customer ID and selected ParcelVault Location to address your parcel

5. You’re automatically notified when your parcel arrives.

6. When you’re ready to collect your parcel click on the message to receive your pickup PIN (for your parcels safety, please provide this PIN on pickup).


When addressing your parcel, please check your details. If the name and customer ID are not correct we’ll have difficulty letting you know that your parcel has arrived.


We hope you enjoy your ParcelVault experience and your parcel !.



 Please let us know, if you would like to use ParcelVault and there are no locations convenient for you, or even recommend a convenient location.