ParcelVault helps you receive your parcels safely.

With ParcelVault you avoid missed delivery cards, missing parcels or having to wait, at inconvenient times, in long ques at post offices.

<< Please note : At December 2017, the ParcelVault network is seeking location partners across Australia.

We hope to be able to  provide the ParcelVault service for you soon.

Please register to be notified when locations are live. If you have locations and would like more foot traffic please contact us >>

ParcelVault provides safe, secure locations for your parcels

This is done by giving you the ability to have your parcels sent to any ParcelVault location.

As soon as your parcels arrive you are automatically notified via SMS.

You then pick up your parcels on your way home from work or whenever convenient.

Our locations are open long hours and are at locations that make it convenient to stop by, whether you’re driving, catching public transport or walking.

Using ParcelVualt you now know that your special moments wont be ruined





ParcelVault is the most effective way of avoiding the need to keep an eagle eye open for superfast couriers

and parcels going missing !!    


Dont let this be your parcel



Using ParcelVault is simple and can be used by yourself or by friends and relatives sending you something very special

ParcelVault’s free App is in the Apple Australia Store.

To use ParcelVault:

  1. Download the App.
  2. Register (so we can let you know when your parcels arrive).
  3. Note down the ParcelVault address that you would like your parcels delivered to.
  4. Go shopping.
  5. When you make a purchase use the ParcelVault address for delivery.
  6. We notify you by sms as soon as your parcel arrives

ParcelVault works with parcels from any courier.

Get that new box feeling now !!.boxesb

ParcelVault can be used by family and friends, who may be sending you gifts, or to receive your own purchases.

To download the ParcelVault App follow the link to the Apple store :



If you would like a location to offer ParcelVault services please ask them to Contact us or forward us their contact details.

If you own or manage a location, our customers would love to visit you. If you would like more foot-traffic, a new revenue stream and a new way of rewarding your loyal customers please Contact ParcelVault to become a location partner.